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I'm just like every other person... Music is what keeps me going in this world, I compose for you all to enjoy, I dont do it for myself... However i have a bad habbit of starting something and not completing it.

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Thats right! another boring news update...

It's been a while and since I'm sitting here waiting for this song (In Deep) to export, I thought I'd use my time productively to do this, even if no one reads it ^_^;

So upon reading my previous update I did about 6-8 months ago, I spotted this funny segment at the bottom,

"As for next year, it'll be a completely different ball game again as I'll be studying for 3 and a half years to get my diploma in sound production."

I'll start with that.

Just before Christmas in 2011 I finally found a house to move into which was rather close to where I was going to be studying music for the next 3 and a half years of my life.
I found it with some friends from high school years ago and they had the same agenda of study for 2012 and the coming years.

I'll mention now but this place that I've since moved into already is about an hours drive from where I used to live, where all my friends and such are.
Pretty much, I've gone from living in the southern suburbs of South Australia, with it's open fields, higher speed limit roads, less traffic and speed cameras and most importantly, the coast.
I've lived in the those suburbs for my entire life, and this house, the one that I'm in right now, is north of Adelaide.

Built-up suburbia, full of closed spaces, packed roads with slower speed limits and an endless supply of "shitty location" which constantly tops-up everyone with a nice daily dose of shit.

But the real bummer about all this is that I didn't get into the course I wanted to.
And although I could try again and start mid-year I've decided to drop the idea of studying altogether and just keep working with my natural flow, which seems to keep getting a little bit better with each song.

So now, I'm here, stuck in this place until the lease runs out for the house at the end of this year
and then it's back to the south I shall go!

But until then, I'm going to be working on music inbetween the months where I'll be working just to keep my financial situation afloat.

As for the albums and the progress, you might already know that my first two albums are already out, and although I've finished my third album, Star Gaze-R, I cant help but feel like it's not worth even releasing.
I mean, as usual the first drafts of the songs are up everywhere to download for free, but I feel like my music just isnt up-to-par quite yet.
Releasing albums is fine and it's a major achievement and milestone in my progress but I'd like to think of them as "test albums" just so I can prove to myself that I can compose an entire album and have it available to buy from some big store, like iTunes and such.

And although Star Gaze-R has some fairly good songs in it (like Inception) but I just think it would be beneficial to leave it as a "completed album" thats for free on here and soundcloud etc.

As for a fourth album, im thinking of calling it, Synapsis. Or something like that.
I've already got a song that I'm working on for it, it's actually just finished exporting a few seconds ago!

I'm actually really excited about uploading this song because it'll be the first proper time that I've gotten a female vocalist to help produce some nice vocals.
Bloody hell she's a wicked singer and I'm so bloody stoaked with the outcome of this song ^_______^

Anywho, I guess I'll leave you to it.

Heres a link to the vocalist if your interested.

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