2017 Submissions

Fall Trance Song
Mineral Oil Trance Song

2016 Submissions

The Disconnect Dance Song
The Variable Drum N Bass Song

2015 Submissions

Tristram Village (Ignyte Remix) Video Game Song
Atmosphere Trance Song
Tony Abbott Rap Hip Hop - Modern Song
Singularity Classic Rock Song
Tracer Trance Song
Traverse the desert Trance Song

2014 Submissions

Everyday Classical Song
Dead in the end Drum N Bass Song
Ig_en_igh_teh Remade Trance Song
Solitude (Instrumental) Dubstep Song
All this happening Dubstep Song
Solitude (feat wisa89) Dubstep Song
Burning Away (Final) Dubstep Song
Dont f@#$ around (Instru) Hip Hop - Modern Song
Dont f@#$ around (WIP) Hip Hop - Modern Song
Make a change (Inst) Classical Song
Resemblance (BGM) Hip Hop - Modern Song
Finale Classical Song
Burning Away (Updated) Dubstep Song
Forgotten Prelude Trance Song
Burning away - IGNYTE Dubstep Song
NEW Re-Living feat.Wisa89 Dubstep Song
Inception (Censored) Dubstep Song
(WIP) NEW Re-Living Miscellaneous Song
Choja's Lullaby - Ignyte Classical Song
The Quest - Ignyte New Wave Song
Albi, dubstep dog pt 2of2 Dubstep Song
Albi, dubstep dog pt 1of2 Dubstep Song
Albi the dubstep dog Dubstep Song
In Deep (Instrumental) Dubstep Song
In Deep (feat. Wisa89) Dubstep Song
Make a change - Ignyte Classical Song
Nothing Else Matters Trance Song
Orchestral - Ignyte Video Game Song
Second Chance - IGNYTE Trance Song
Aural Pretence Trance Song
The Feud Trance Song
Goodbye... Dance Song
Ignyte - Inception Dubstep Song
Ignyte - Moonlit Dubstep Song
Ignyte - Massive Attack Trance Song
Ignyte - Chronological Trance Song
Ignyte - Eyes of Gold Video Game Song
Ignyte - Dawn Dubstep Song
Ignyte - The.Truth Drum N Bass Loop
Ignyte -Final Breeze (Prelude) Trance Song
Epic Selection Trance Loop
Ignyte - The last time (Inst) Classical Song
Ignyte - The Last Time Trance Song
Ignyte - Breaking-Through Trance Song
Retro Great Fox Deathmatch Video Game Song
Ignyte - Final Summation Dance Song
Surreal Optics Trance Song
Brought Jazz Song
World class fire (remake) Miscellaneous Song
new trance. Dance Song
Stepping Back Dubstep Song
Fragmented Blue Trance Song
Colossal Breach *collab Demo* Miscellaneous Song
Re-Living Instrumental Miscellaneous Song
World Class Loop Miscellaneous Loop
DubDown Dubstep Song
Clossal Breach Trance Song
Summer of Love (Prelude) Trance Song
Carry-On Trance Song
WEYAH (Instrumental) Classical Song
Suddena Trance Song
Whenever you are here Trance Song
Re-Living (Full) Dubstep Song
Re-Living (Second Demo) Dubstep Song
Re-Living Dubstep Song

2010 Submissions

World class Fire Trance Song
M.A.2_The Voyage Continues Trance Song
M.A.1_The Voyage Continues Techno Song
The Voyage Continues Trance Song
Call me? Trance Song
Sun's Rise Trance Song
Rising (Mastered) Trance Song
Rising! Trance Song
Ice Sweat Trance Song
MirrorMeme Trance Song
Electric Water (Radio Version) Trance Song
Electric Water (Xtended Ver) Trance Song
Electric Water Trance Song
The Voyage (Guitar Enabled) Trance Song
Ig-en-igh-teh Trance Song
A new Life!! FIN Trance Song
A new Life! Trance Song
The Forum FIN Trance Song
The Forum Trance Song
Party Dance Final!!!! Dance Song
Party Dance Dance Song
You&Me Trance Song
Tyranny Trance Song
Rising Star (Falling Sun) FIN Trance Song
T. New World Hip Hop - Modern Song
Life goes on... Trance Song
B3ginning the End Techno Song
NEW Rising Star (Falling Sun) Techno Song
The Pain of Thee (Fixed) Hip Hop - Modern Song
Beats from Afar Trance Song
When I'm Still Here (update) Trance Song
When the Time Comes (RAW) Hip Hop - Modern Song
When I'm Still Here Hip Hop - Modern Song
When the move's your's Trance Song
R.F.A Trance Song
I'm on a Mission Trance Song
Evil Reveals Trance Song
Move it FAST Trance Song
Ideal Trance Song
The Pain of Thee Trance Song
Rising Star (Falling Sun) Trance Song