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It's been a while

2010-12-28 21:57:47 by Ignyte

So it's been a while since Ive really done anything significant with my music...

and it's all thank's to my new job at a Winery. Since i'm now working full-time hours I come home exhausted and not willing to really do anything, sure I'll have a tinkle on the piano every now and then but most times nothing really significant comes of it.

It also doesnt help me that my computer, and thats my only computer has been infected with something undesirable, Causing my poor lappy to BSOD many times every day... ontop of this most of my system menu's wont open, instead it says that they cannot be opened, no error code or reason...
and Windows will not update and nothing will install or uninstall..

and this is annoying because my Avast! AV and Zone Alarm combo is supposed to be really good, so either it's a shit combo or this is some form of hardcore infection ^_^;
Too much Fruity-loops porn I guess :P

So with those two issues it kinda encourages me to not do anything for fear that I'll loose my hard work... again...

In recent news and events.

Youtube person MEOSHABEAN1 has used one of my songs 'The Voyage Continues' in one of her later videos, which is a great help because now for the first time ever, My music is being spread by means other than me.
Link to her video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6S4pmS7 Vl6w

Also I have recreated the Piano backing for my most recent Uploaded song 'World Class Fire' I'm also looking for a preferred male vocalist to sing the lyrics, but a female would do well too.
The piano backing has been recorded in the form of a live performance by myself.
(Meaning mistakes are to occur ^_^ )
Link to the song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMfU8ae NQ7Q

Speaking of live performances, I have been uploading a few live performances of myself playing the piano onto my youtube account for your viewing pleasure!
Most of the song's are my own, but I have played a few songs that aren't my own, thumbnail image dictates weather the song is a performance of my own song or not.

oh yeah, I almost forgot, I have begun work on another song 'Summer Storm' which I have uploaded the live performance of on my youtube.
Link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IasOjRP ylVE

Soo in terms of music career news, I've got a few contacts that I need to get a-hold of and try to sort something out, one or more of these guys may be able to help me out with Mastering and Distribution.
Which would be excellent considering Ive got my album sitting here and waiting to be distributed now, with me minimal mastering efforts at hand.

With this new job I'll be able to save up for my nice equipment which will cost me too much... but It should be well worth the effort.

and Finally, a few months ago I made a forum sig-image thing and a picture for the newgrounds forums.

which im quite proud of, of course ^_^

So, what do you think of the new songs and performances?

It's been a while

Partnership with Youtube.

2010-11-10 07:52:34 by Ignyte


Well, as the title suggests, my application for a partnership with youtube (which I applied for about 2 months ago) has been accepted!

Whats a Youtube Partnership you ask?

Well! It's a magical experience to say the least, but for the sake of saying stuff to look like I'm talking about important things;
Well we all know what adverts are, yeah? well when a company want's to post advert's they have to pay whoever owns the space in which the ad will be located.

So to put it simply, they are renting a small block of space so they can put their ad's there.

Becoming a partner is an agreement with youtube and the partnered user, The user gets paid a certain percentage of the revenue that the adverts make on the users page or in the users videos.
and in return, the partnered user will make regular videos (or content) for youtube.

Youtube also rewards Partnered users by providing them with the ability to make their Channels better and stand out more, plus their content or videos will be towards the top of search results.

and this is good, because not only will I be getting more exposure to the world wide public, but I will also begin to earn some small amount of money which will go towards the release of my first Album "Hot'n'Cold".

The Album artwork has also been revealed on my youtube channel page.
This artwork has been kept a secret for quite some time, but I believe it's time to start the ball rolling and see how far I can go in the music Industry.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

News and such

2010-10-09 21:53:43 by Ignyte

As of 5:00am October the 10th I released the continuation of "The Voyage"
Now I usually don't base a news update over a single song but this song is nothing like I have done before.

For starters, In its raw format the song maxes out my brand new 64bit ACER Intel i7 Lappy, and thats with ASIO V2 on and running for FL studio.

Secondly this song is the first one where I have used the mixer correctly and have made over 70-something Pattern sequences.

Ummm, yeah, So thats pretty much the Hot'nCold Album fully composed.
13 songs with one "Remix"
Now I just need to find someone who can master, or somewhere where I can use a soundboard so I can master them myself.

Ahh yes, One of the songs "Call me" Has lyrics, and if I'm lucky enough I might be able to get a microphone ready before or during the mastering session so I can add in the lyrics.
It'll be the first tiem I've sung for a song so the turnout will be interesting.

As far as a second album, I'm thinking I'll wait a little bit until I get this midi controller before I start working on the second album, which will be dubbed "Vapor" or "Focal-Point" or something else ^_^

Oh and one last thing! I'm thinking about doing some really simple tutorials on the basics of FL studio with no technical jargon ^_^ but before I start that I wanna try to get a rough idea as to how many people would be interested in it...

Anywho, thats it for news and such. I'm really glad that this Album is done and I'm glad that Ive gotten alot of positive comments from it!
Thankyou everyone who helped spread the word of my music!


yet more nothing

2010-08-20 19:40:10 by Ignyte

G"day everyone!

Hopin alls grand in the world of newgrounds :D

nothing really significant has happened in the past few months...
I turned 20, my shifts at work have been cut majorly! (I'm lucky to get a single shift in a fortnight)
Car wise, everythings going pretty well though, Havent been defected nor fined! so thats chill.

If youve been keeping up with my entries and submissions and such you might have noticed that the last 2 submissions have sounded alot different from all of my other ones.
This is because Ive been working on a new and much faster and better method of composing as opposed to making a new pattern layer in FL for each individual verse/chorus in a song.
Plus! I'm no longer manually entering the notes by means of mouse and keyboard.
I'm actually using my Electric Piano (Midi Enabled) to do all of my recordings, then Quantizing the notes so nothing is out of time :D

As far as the two submissions go, the first one sounds pretty crappy. But that one was just a trial as far as I'm concerned...
It's the second one that I'm interested to hear your thought's on.

Also I mastered the second one as much as I could (11 Straight fucking hours it took me mind you)
so if your keen to give me a hand, I would greatly appreciate your input on what you think of both songs, Mastered and non-mastered.

Uhhh yeah, thats pretty much it really.
I've gotten slack again in terms of composing but ive started working on 3 songs, hopefully I'll get at least one of them done for you guys ^_^



This and That...

2010-05-12 03:19:00 by Ignyte

well first of all let me apologise for not making any posts in, like... forever ^_^;
Buuuuut i went through a really shit-house stage this year where nothing was working etc etc... and i am now in debt by about $2500...

IQuit my shitty little job at the Pizza joint and went for a yonder, to find a much better job...
Now im a night fill worker stacking shelfs at... You guessed it. At night
I Purchased a Ford Laser in Dec 09' which got defected...
I Purchased a Toyota Celica last month which... got Defected...
BUT i wasnt going to get another car so i spent numerous hours getting the Prick Road Worthy...

and Up untill very recently ive been doing sweet-fuck-all Music wise...

But! things are beginning to turn around, Ive made two rather good songs in the past few weeks. and have decided to really push myself to get a contract. coz the moment I start selling albums, The moment i dont have to work anymore!

Wont that be good!

Sooo yeah, im not very good at designing things, and when I do its like a one in a blue moon sorta happening... and a bunch of ppl have asked me if they could make some Album covers for me (As in the Picture on the front) To which i said yeah.

well long story short, Some were alright. Others really good but sadly none of them really displayed the Perfect setting for my music...

and well a Blue moon rose up and heres my new Album cover!

Its not fully done, but its deffinately something that ill probably use...

This and That...

Been Busy!!!

2010-04-06 23:16:12 by Ignyte

Hey allz!

yeah yeah... i know! im super slack! and i know that between my latest two submissions there has been a rather large gap in it.... and im not happy bout it either... but yeah..

I do plan on starting up again! i just have a few personal issues that need addressing first so they are out of my mind so i can really start pumping out the Beats! you feel? :D

Anywho, i drew this little design the other week and really liked it, so i redid it on my computer! and here is the end result!

Please, Feel free to tell me what you think about it!
oh yeah! and i plan on releasing a free album sometime mid this year!!! and instead of calling it Hot'n'Cold, its going to be called "Own League" (Hence the title on the top of the picture)

So fingers crossed that it all goes well! Wish me luck everyone! your the reason i make music!!!


Been Busy!!!

oh yea!

2009-10-29 19:34:29 by Ignyte

I gots FL studio 9 XXL!
much better layout and a shit load more instruments and they built upon my belived Sytrus!!! ahhh!
Im going to try and get a second and/or third job so i can save up and hopefully get me a Midi keyboard and a Mixer Switchboard so making music is alot more quicker, easier and just generaly better!

I hope my music hasnt given anyone any headaches at all ^_^;;;
Please, i urge everyone to please PLEASE vote and possibly leave a comment, the more feedback i get the more i can try to fix things.

after all, its the community that keeps me making music ^_^ I love it, but if no one likes it, or lets me know that they appreciate it then i may as well not make any.
Music has helped me get through alot of tough times and i hope that mine can do the same for other people as well as help them party hard with some of my Techno tracks!

I hope you all enjoy listening to it, as i enjoy making it!

oh yea!

ahhh lovely!

2009-10-11 00:09:42 by Ignyte

dont ask, because i really dont know whats wrong with me... for some dumb ass reason i havnt been able to make ANYTHING! however, i was able to complete the New Rising star (Falling Sun) song that everyones been wanting me to make longer, so its already on here, just waiting for you to listen to it!
and theres some good news too! I MIGHT be getting $780 so i can build myself a new kick-ass computer! which in turn means more music thats heaps better and alot more easiyer to make!


2009-09-09 23:46:08 by Ignyte

after my dry spell of non-productiveness ive FINALY started recreading Rising Star, im making it WAY longer and not only that but its going to have a lot more Melodies in it too! so far it sounds AWSOME!!!

my money issues are no longer a threat atm... which has given me a boost of initiative! oh horray for the ups and downs of life ^_^

IM FUCKIN SCREWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-08-13 09:44:24 by Ignyte

I have no idea whats wrong with me, I cant do any tribal drawings and i cant make any music!!!!!!
Every time i try to do anything theres just blankness!!!!

what is wrong with me?!?!?!?!?!