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2011-03-12 22:08:36 by Ignyte

Well, as of December 2010 I begun a full-time job at d'Arenberg Wines in the McLaren Vale Wine area.

Shortly after I begun working there I quickly found that I had almost no time to work on any of my music, which is a shame.

However This past week, I have really forced myself to get into it and make another song as it had been 2 months (according to youtube) since I had actually composed anything.

As I result of this, I seem to have started and never stopped. my 3-days off from work proved extremely useful as I composed 3 brand new songs, Re-submitted a special Youtube ONLY Edition or 'Re-Living' which has been expertly Mastered and comes complete with vocals, as well as an Instrumental of one of my songs.

all of these latest songs will be featured in my current album 'Caustic Spider' which (if my counting serves me correctly) will be Album no2.

Horray, Ive made one album already and it has yet to be released... =_=

I know... It's not very good of me, but I cant help but not find any really good way to sell the High quality versions of my songs anywhere. not to mention that I need to source a mob who can produce Jewel cases and cd prints for the Physical copies (And that's not cheap either).

As far as funding goes, I'm stable.
With a recent lashing-out of AU$500 for an Akai MPK49 Midi controller (Which was down from AU$1000) and some new 'Open' Studio headphones (Legacy PH250) I've noticed how hard it is to have any sort of saving's when your trying to purchase musical equipment and software...
so for all of you music-making wannabe's out there, Fun Fact: IT IS NOT CHEAP!

Heres a bit of a list of the prices of everything to do with my music so far.

-FL Studio (Signature Bundle) $150 (on christmas special) -$150
-FM8 VST Plugin $250 -$400
-Pitcher $10 -$410
////[Keep in mind that those three are only software]\\\
-Akai MPK49 $500 -$910
-Legacy PH250 $80 -$990
-Logitech G35 $150 -$1140
-Korg nanoKontrol $50 -$1190
-WD 320GB External HDD $90 -$1280
-BenQ 23" Monitor $220 -$1500
-Logitech X550 $150 -$1650

I also plan to purchase many MANY more VST plugins, but the are far more expensive than FM8...
Also, hardware wise I still need a Condenser Mic and an external soundcard, some acoustic treatment for my room would be nice as well as another monitor...
ahh, one can only wait and save up the pennies...


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