The thing about music.

2011-03-24 19:28:03 by Ignyte

so.. the thing about music is that, if a song sucks, it sucks and its not spread.
If a song significantly sucks, and I mean, it is on par with Justin Beiber and/or that 'Friday' song by Rebecca Black, it goes Viral, all because it is unfathomably bad!

However, when i comes to songs that one likes, most people dont really spread the word about it, in some cases some people will download the song/s that they like and will listen to them themselves and if the artist is lucky enough, the person may even play your song in their car and with any luck, their friends will like it and ask where they got the song from...

sooo, in other words, word-of-mouth is a damn good way to get more views.

Theres no real point to this post other than bringing it to people's attention the human behaviour towards music and all that jazz..


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