RELEASE DATE FOR Hot'n'Cold! & Other news.

2011-03-31 23:45:54 by Ignyte

So, the other day whilst bored, drunk and randomly sloothing about the nets I stumbled upon a list of Distributors that are Apple certified in Australia (And other countries too)

Surprisingly, there were only 4, so I opened up all 4 in a new tab to inspect the sites, 3 of them were porly constructed and 2 of them didnt even offer new artists to submit their work, you had to manual contact them and then send them a demo...

However one of them had a very professional look and had the ability for self-service sign up and all that.

So I did, I signed up, read their legal BS and yeah, it was all good.
Valleyarm is what they are called

Uploaded my music (which took ages!) and paid for my album to be released on iTunes.
Ive set the release date for the 10th of April.

If your from Australia and are looking to release your album, these guys seem to be the one to do it.

I had no issues, they were very descriptive of what to upload and in what format.

a few key points I found that were god was that.

-I keep 100% of the Royalties and Net income.
-They provided a ISRC number for each track and
-They provided my Album with a UPC Code.

All in all, it cost me around $73 for the UPC Barcode ($32) and the rest for distribution fees to iTunes.
they offered Singles fees and wide Distro to many other places like Amazon and other online stores but that was an extra $160 (which I didnt have)

Its VERY important to know what your getting yourself into when accepting a contract, when signing up your opting in for an annually-based contract which needs to be renewed yearly, which induces another Distro fee.
Also, they only pay you by Paypal payments, and more importantly, they will not pay you anything until you have made $100 worth of sales, then they will transfer the money to you.
I'm not sure what the other guys do, but I have a feeling it's a similar setup.

And finally, I had no option to set the amount I want to sell the album for, which I was rather upset about.
I wanted to sell my first album dirt-cheap to encourage people to buy it and get to know what I do.
but unfortunately it seems you have to set up your own web-shop thing to do that, or find some sort of 3rd party re-seller thats willing to sell your music for a small fee.

Even google/Youtube does this method of not paying you a cent until you have earnt a certain quota (I'm a Youtube Partner)

anywho, thats enough outta me.

I must say that its about bloody time that I got my album shit together and its a bloody good feeling that it's finally going to be available in full ^_^

RELEASE DATE FOR Hot'n'Cold! & Other news.


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2011-04-05 04:43:25

Keep us updated on how it all goes, I'm fairly intrigued.

Ignyte responds:

No worries.