Bloody ValleyArm

2011-04-10 02:58:17 by Ignyte

So today is the 10th of April, 2011.
Also known as the release date for my Album.

Naturally I went straight to the iTunes store to take a gander, only to find that it was not up...

Upon going to ValleyArm's site (The Joint that's supposed to be distributing my album) I discovered that their servers are STILL Generating the Album, which it has been doing so for the past few weeks!

Upon further examination, It appears that there are 3 steps, Generation of the Album, Upload of the Album and then its up to the outlets to do their thing.
So my Album is still on their first of three stages!

Apon looking even further I noticed a little Asterix, "The release is waiting to be generated and sent to this Outlet. If the status has been Generating for several days or more it is possible there is an issue with your release."

Yeah... good one ValleyArm, can I just note that "it is possible there is an issue with your release" means that there is yet another problem with their shitty, cheap-ass setup.
Or in other words, it is THEIR fault and that there is nothing wrong with my album or the content that I have submitted...

Great, it would seem that by setting the release date a fortnight into the future to ensure that issues like this wouldnt happen, I've just wasted my fucking time and have created hype for something that ISNT going to be available until god-knows-when!

and yes, I've sent an e-mail to ValleyArm AND tried to call them, but seeing as it's sunday no one answered.. I guess all I can do is frantically refresh the page until I see that it's been sent to Apple, or wait for a reply from them...

Guh! this is so bloody frustrating!


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