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2011-04-27 13:40:55 by Ignyte

The more work I do, the more work I create for myself, or so it would seem.

Reading back on my older blogs I saw that my life was a bit simpler in terms of my music.
I would compose a song and put it on here and thats it.

Now what with a second album that I'm working on, a First album that has been released and many many loose ends that need tying, I'm finding that I've become somewhat consumed in all of this technological frustration..

The reason being, I compose a song, first of all I export it as an mp3 for here and for Soundcloud, I then make another ZGame Editor track and many different automation lines so the visualization changes (Via me making said changes at certain parts/sounds of the song) then I export as .wav, when the mp3 version of the song is finally uploaded, I then place the .wmv of the visualization and the .wav of the song into movie maker (Its shit I know but it does the job) add in some notes, a title and farewell and then I export to youtube. which... takes... for..... freaking..... ever!

Who would've thought that a small 3 and a half minuet video @ 720p would take well over 3 hours to export and upload?! (hence why I'm still awake) sadly I have the kind of mentality where I will refuse to stop working until what I have set out to do is done! no giving up for me!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. My fun doesn't end with the song going on youtube, ooooooh nooo, then I need to send an Advert revenue thingum to youtube stating that all graphics and sounds etc are the result of my solo efforts and that this video and blah blah blah has been produced using so and so programs with so and so licenses and GOD it just goes on and on!

and finally, I place a few links around the net to entice new viewers and such.

lastly, I watch the video on youtube once to ensure that everything is well and that nothing has screwed up.

That's just what I do when I finish one song. but the work doesn't end there, I am constantly working on Album art covers, Album construction (song titles and track positions etc) along with forums, youtube maintenance and other schtuff that requires almost constant attention.

Need I remind you that I do everything myself too. all art work, all sounds all music, all accounts all everything, was done souly by me and no one else. only 1 song has had influence by someone/s other than me and thats the youtube only edition of Re-Living which has been somewhat "Mastered" and has a female vocalist in it which sounds nice but I would have done a better job of finding a vocalist and mastering in my opinion.

recently I actually finished the entire physical copy of Hot'n'Cold! and your probably already wondering "didn't you already do that?" and you'd be kind of right!
You see, I only did the front cover and the inner sleeve with the track names and such. thats it, no spine work or backing or even interior work.
So upon giving birth to more want to work than humanly possible I constructed a number of.... duds and finally made a decent looking one and creating a nifty little method of construction said Jewel Cases.
But thats not all I constructed, I also made the first and currently ONLY physical copy or Caustic Spider!, It's the full Jewel case and everything too!
-Disc Label
-Front Cover
-Front Spine
-and backing.
All made! albeit it doesn't look as flashy as it could be if I had a decent printer and some nice paper to go with it but I make do with what I have and work from there.

guh I'm so tired and want to sleep... its 10 past 3 now and the percentage has only gone up by about 2%...

If someone finds my limp body on the floor, let the world know I died whilst waiting impatiently.


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2011-10-03 03:08:04

Throw too much, keep it simple! Don't give up!