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2011-10-28 22:40:05 by Ignyte

Hey guys and those who bother to read through my massive amounts of characters and such.

In recent times I've been slowly but surely building up myself musically and financially in the hope to actually get somewhere.
In alot of ways I have succeeded far more than I have previously thought, I remember exactly one year ago, I had started a new job as a wine-maker/hand at d'Arenberg winery which had slowed me down to almost a complete stop.

I had the ambition and desire to release an album in the year of 2011 but the outlook for that was grim..
I'd come home from a hard days work only to want to sit on my ass and play L4D until It was time for bed and the cycle would continue.

A few good things however quickly emerged from my short 4 months at the winery;
I had learnt that with a little hard work I could buy pretty much everything I wanted, and that's how my Akai MPK 49 came about, I was even lucky enough to get it 50% off as they only had 2 left in the store so I saved a massive $500 and gained a wonderful machine that would later be almost necessary to my composing efforts.

Within the first week of leaving the winery I had released two songs and had even gotten the ball rolling for my first ever album release!
I spent my newly acquainted sleeping patterns sifting through all of my songs looking for anything that could or should be changed, mastered and or other.

After days and sleepless nights I finally got the songs uploaded to a distribution agency "Valleyarm" and the album was paid for to be released onto iTunes.

a month later and it was officially released!

Of course, I didnt expect to get much money if at all, I don't care for it.
I was proud to have gone for something that I truly wanted to happen and I accomplished it.

Well, this is in the past and is pretty much the real starting point of my soon to be career.
Since then I have composed many many more full songs, each one being composed a little better than the last and voila`! Caustic spider was created and is currently on iTunes as well!

I decided to keep to a standard of 15 tracks per album as they were rather expensive on iTunes (I couldnt set the price myself sadly..)

The whole non-negotiable price thing really irritated me, for a number of reasons.
Firstly I didnt and still don't think that my albums, although good aren't really worth the same price as a fully professional album that has had months spent on for just mastering.
And also because I knew that lot of younger folk wouldn't bother buying something that was worth $17 when downloading is far easier...

And that's when bandcamp came into play.
Someone's comment on one of my videos had given me the hope that I could release the same albums, still online but set the price for myself.
And yep, I certainly did! Both Albums, Hot'n'Cold and Caustic Spider are on bandcamp for only $5 an album with the option of paying more if you feel like it.

But not only that but instead of each track being $1.70 to buy each on iTunes they are only $0.50 each on bandcamp.
In my opinion its a far better incentive for those who like my music but don't really have much money to spend, $5 isnt much at all and It really is a much more fitting price than what iTunes offers...

My work on the third album, Star Gaze-R is well under-way with almost 10 tracks done and another 5 that havent been started yet.
You never know, I may even have enough time to release it this year as well.

As for next year, it'll be a completely different ball game again as I'll be studying for 3 and a half years to get my diploma in sound production.
I mean, I'm still bloody proud to have been able to get this far with no knowledge of composition or even fl studio and I've kinda worked it out as I went along, but with some actual professional tutoring under my belt I should be able to produce some outstanding tracks for the 4th album!

Well thats pretty much it for me, I thought it was time for a bit of a bloggy entry for my newgrounds account, I'm barely active on here due to the lack of the site being updated and the terrible amounts of 0-bombers who restrict tracks from being listened to because of their bad rating..
Very sad really...

Anywho, I'll leave you with a link to ym bandcamp if you'd like to take a gander at my albums.

Take it easy guys, check back here in a years time when I feel compelled to do another one of these typing things ^_^





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