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Incident:101A Incident:101A

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Wow, the first time a Krinkels' Madness flash has ever dissapointed me.
I thought the idea of Madness was to have outrageous fights and such.

During the course of this entire flash only a single gun was fired and that was right at the end.
I'm sorry Krinks, but this shouldn't be on the front page.

Stickman Can't Fight 2 Stickman Can't Fight 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Gotta say man, these animations are pretty fucking schweet!

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guitan11 responds:


Power Rangers! Black Power Rangers! Black

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Grim Reviewer

Overall: 3/5 : 7/10

Audio: 7/10
Animation: 8/10
Plot: 6/10

A nice use of different high quality sound effects really made this quite enjoyable to watch, no sound was over-used or too compressed and the levels of everything was most pleasant.
however A little more would've been nice just to help delve the viewer into the flash a little more.
A suitable but effective BGM really would've made this flash to be honest.

the animation was superb, very clear, concise and well-made, shadows and lighting was where it should be and the movements looked nicely weighted and for the most part, realistic.
It would've been nice however, if you had spent just a little more time to make the movements a little more fluid as the fast movements were evidently hard to track and follow for the average viewer.
The use of different angles and camera movements really helped give this flash a rather professional appeal to it that most others dont have.

the plot was kinda... ehhhh not there.
I understand that this is just a short flash with no real plot intended but I cant help but wonder how the power-ranger got there and what happens after the explosion as there's no closure to the end, just a big explosion and that's it.
It almost felt like we (the viewers) had come into a movie theatre half-way into the movie, watched a fighting scene and then left without seeing what happens next.
Just something to ponder about next time I guess..

All in all, this was a superb flash.
It's quite evident that you put alot of time and effort into this, so It's a good thing that it's worthy of the front page.

Congrats and keep it up.

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Thinking about her Thinking about her

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Grim Reviewer

Overall: 4/5 : 8/10

Audio: 7/10
Animation: 7/10
Plot: 9/10

First off, congratulations.
You'r probably one of the first to make an animation that wasn't boring to watch even though it had no BGM or other sounds.
And while we are talking about sound;
The microphone you used wasn't too bad, sound quality could've been improved with some simple EQ'ing to eliminate that annoying high-hissing sound when you get by turning up the volume of someone talking softly.
There wasn't any noticeable popping or Sss'ings from your speech which made your voice clear and concise.
Since this is a "flash on your thoughts" which obviously is a tragic-styled flash, a nice sad piano or guitar tune just to fill in the background would've been nice to add to that depth and feeling that your portraying.

The Animation it'self kinda lacked the 'Animating' part as a whole, with no real moving objects except for a few lines and images being drawn out, but I guess this is more of a 'flash-back' kinda thing.
Overall quality and consistency of your animation wasn't bad either, Simple yet effective.

The Plot was very good and quite insightful of your past with your past significant other, a good use of the unique thing's you both did gave this flash a fresh and personal appeal that would trigger some viewers to ponder about their past lovers and the things they did.
Most viewers would also be able to relate to this, which adds to the effectiveness of it.

All in all you did a brilliant job, a nice, simple flash with depth and meaning.

This is definitely worthy of the front page.

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Yellow Vs. Orange Yellow Vs. Orange

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Why oh why does this happen...

Overall: 1/5 : 3/10

Audio: 2/10
Animation: 5/10
Plot: 3/10

A good Animation requires more than just the ability to animate.
Any animator will know that sounds is just as important as the animation itself as it provides the viewer with more depth.
Sound can also make or break an animation that's been animated really well as Compression, Quality, Suitability and FX can change someones viewing experience completely.
This animation however... had no sound effects and apart from one small bit of overly compressed sample, had a terrible track to accompany it.
Clearly you've heard music before and yet you tried to compose a BG-Track that was barely in time, had a beat that throws you off and a terrible tune that just looped...

Thankfully, the Animation itself wasn't all that bad, this mostly FBF-styled animation could've become much better but due to the lack of decent BGM I'm going to assume you didn't spend a terrible amount of time animating this.
Fun fact: More frames = a smoother animation...
If your Flash looks like a series of frames that barely look animated then you need to add in more frames and put in some inbetween images to smoothen the flash a bit.

And the plot... well... there kinda wasn't one to be honest, it was two coloured beings that can morph into different objects and for some reason one want's to fight the other...
A lack of background story-lining or any sort of story at all made this flash rather difficult to watch as I spent most of the time trying to figure out what was going on.

All in all, the combination of a terrible track, an Animation that seems to jump rather than run and a plot that has no direction made this flash rather difficult to watch, understand or even comprehend why it's on the front page at all...
Your animating efforts weren't all that bad, so my suggestion to you is simple.
Next animation you attempt, put at least 3 times more effort into animating, use more frames and be patient.

This Flash definitely shouldn't be on the front page...

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Green riding hood Green riding hood

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Damn good!

4/5 : 8/10

This is a damn good animation, nice plot. smooth animation, and although the quality was sort of minimalist, It was consistent and worked quite well with the movements and detail.

Only issue I had was the over-compressed music.

Quite worth the front page.

A Lovely Plight A Lovely Plight

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


I'm going to deviate from my regular Reviewing process and just talk about a few things here.

This animation was one of the most visually stunning works of art that I've seen.
Plenty of detail (for the most part) and some nice Ambient sounds to go with it.

However, After all that effort, it seems you skimped out on your voice acting/actor...
After spending so much time and effort on something beautiful like this, you really don't want to ruin it with some badly recorded vocals now do you?

Keep that in mind for future animations.
Good work.

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Lazymodecomics responds:

You can always buy me sound equipment. That works.


For Everyone To See For Everyone To See

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Finally a decent flash.

Overall: 4/5 : 9/10

Audio: 8/10
Animation: 9/10
Plot: 10/10

Audio was nice, clear and consistent.
I do however think that the old-man's voice couldve sounded older, and a little louder.
The background sounds created an excellent effect of depth which nicely filled the gaps between the prominent sounds.

The Animation was great, very detailed and quite smooth.
Thy style of which you animate is quite effective and worth holding on to.

The plot was very well done, I don't think I saw this one coming to be honest.
A nice clean twist gave this animation the score it deserves.

All in all, This was very well done, and I wouldnt be surprised to see it on the front page very soon.

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.efiL fo deeS ehT .efiL fo deeS ehT

Rated 0 / 5 stars


Overall: 0\5 :0\10

Audio: 0/10
Animation: 0/10
Plot: 0/10

The following sentence covers all;

Useless and uneventful...

Wonders of the Universe 1 Wonders of the Universe 1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Overall: 4/5 : 9/10

Audio: 10/10
Animation: 9/10
Plot: 10/10

First off, I must say that I'm quite impressed!

I really dont need to elaborate much on my input to be honest,
Audio, perfect, no clipping or screeching and all levels were thought out nicely.

Animation was near perfect, I noticed that the scenery has shadows and the characters themselves cast shadows onto the ground, but the characters themselves didnt have any shadowing at all.
Also I found it "interesting" that a space ship was using a CRT Monitor ^_^

Plot looks very promising.

This is what the front page was made for and this is right where it belongs.

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